Pilates Body Alive – Pricing Schedule 2014

Initial Clinical Assessment                             $60.              N/A

For all those wishing to do Pilates at Pilates Body Alive, this is the first place to start. It involves a comprehensive assessment, explanation and introduction to Pilates that is specifically tailored to your individual needs and goals.


1. (1:1) Pilates Personal Training                    $70.       $60/$360

Pilates personal training offers all the advantages of one-on-one coaching, care, and guidance combined with a host of regular benefits of Pilates. Pilates Personal Training offers varied and challenging Pilates workouts that will help you to achieve new levels of control, balance, strength and coordination, whilst improving balance, flexibility and overall strength of your entire body.

Pilates Personal Training sessions may make a difference for those with a Post rehabilitation injury or specific condition that they want to improve or rectify. It may also help those who wish to enhance or improve their current sporting activities. These are tailored and closely supervised sessions designed specifically for you, utilizing the full suite of Pilates equipment. Using Pilates principals, you will safely strengthen your body, improve your posture, mind-body awareness and balance.


2. Small Group Studio Classes                      $35.       $30/$180

(Utilizing full suite of Pilates Equipment)

Studio Pilates class is how Pilates was originally intended to be taught. In your studio Pilates session you will work with your instructor and a small group of up to 3 other people. Studio Pilates sessions are different to a group mat class, in that each participant does their own individual program, rather than all working on the same exercise at the same time. Your exercise program will be individually designed for you in your initial assessment session.


3. Group Matwork Classes                               (Coming soon)

(Utilizing small props)

Challenge yourself against gravity with a Pilates workout in this group setting. Focusing on the basics of alignment, breath and technique.

The Pilates Mat work class is a forum for you to learn correct Pilates technique together in a group setting. Emphasis is on applying the principles through each exercise to increase strength, flexibility, balance and endurance.



Package of 6:

(per Session)

Concentration  |  Control  |  Centering  |  Precision  |  Breathing  |  Flowing