Magnificent life changing discoveries are usually discovered by accident – literally.

In my 20's, I suffered a lower back injury that resurfaced 15 years later while doing some light yoga. From this, I was diagnosed with spinal arthritis through disk degeneration. Exploring a number of options only gave me temporary relief, then my Physiotherapist advised Pilates. Not knowing anything of Pilates or of a practitioner, I persevered (suffered) as we do in life for the next 8 years. Then following the birth of my son, I suffered a disc prolapse and enduring greater discomfort, I was again advised (this time from my Osteopath) to try Pilates. I found a Pilates instructor local to me and never looked back.


Pilates is an exercise system developed by Joseph Pilates specifically to improve muscle tone, flexibility, balance and posture. It is a mind-body, breath, balancing regime with the purpose of teaching correct and conscious movement patterns which then is assimilated into your daily life.


In my initial Assessment we established my condition/s and gave both, me and my Pilates instructor the direction to take, and within only a few sessions, I became aware of how I was not breathing efficiently or correctly. We corrected this, which is now second nature to me.

And if these gains weren’t enough, I found the classes not physically demanding as in I didn’t need to raise a sweat. From not being able to raise my knee in my first session without it instantly turning into a back cramp – to greatly increased mind-body awareness.


This first-hand life experience helped me see the true value of Pilates and how it can help myself and others improve our daily life.

Now my new dream of improving my daily life and those of others is here. I am proud to offer these kinds of life-enhancing services to our community through this wonderful method of exercise.

Heather de Hombre is trained in The Pilates Method, holds a cert IV in Fitness, a cert IV in Allied Health Assistance (Physiotherapy), a Breathe certificate in Pilates (evidence-based) and a certificate in Functional Anatomy & Biomechanics.

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